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"Strengthening Regional Cooperation through Youth Work" is our new publication that was released in February 2019. This brochure is a showcase of the whole project implementation for "Swapping culture-Erasing Boarders, an initiative suppored by RYCO-Regional Youth Cooperation Office through the first call for proposals in 2018. Below you can check what did we achieve and see how through education, cooperation and involvement of young people of our region we can educate the new generations to be better and stronger together; promote intercultural learning, tolerance and mutual understaning. 

BBA is very thankful to each and every single young person that was part of this project and to the whole suppport given by our 3 partners BLINK- Kosovo*, PEL- Macedonia and
SVETLOST- Serbia for all the project duration and the continuuos partnership. 

A bit of numbers! :) 

  • 201 young people (112 Females and 89 Males) aged 16-30 years old directly participated in the regional and local activities of the project and improved their knowledge, skills and attitudes in intercultural dialogue, culture diversity and inclusion. 
  • 185 youth aged 16-20 years old were introduced with the Swapping Cultures and Theatre of the Oppressed methods, both tools that help them to promote tolerance, mutual respect and fight in decreasing levels of hate speech in the region 
  • 4 best postcards showing intercultural dialogue were selected in the competition, printed and used throughout the project.
  • 3350 postcards were used in the online campaign as a promo tool and as a direct message to: decision makers, families, friends, RYCO Local Branch Officers and Secretariat, partner organizations around WB, EU countries and citizens in all four partner promoters during the project campaign!
  • 4 regional activities and 4 local activities were organized by the partnership and the youngsters during 9 months.
  • 7 short videos with an aim to display, promote and treasure culture diversity and intercultural dialogue in WB were made by local youth themselves and shared online to raise awareness amongthe online community.

Read the publication below for more!  



*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.




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