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From Education to Labour Market - Actors and Factors in Focus is a White Paper published by BBA which focuses on active labor measures, challenges, consequences and status quo of youth
employment in Albania. 

It seeks to analyze the challenges and consequences of youth unemployment and gather a set of recommendations and considerations that would help to sooth the phenomenon and give guidance to the different actors and factors to positively influence. The White Paper comes as a product of the project “Regional CSO platform advocating social innovation under employment
policies that guarantees security for youth at risks”- YOUSEE
, a collaboration among partners from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRoM, Montenegro, Kosovo*UN, Serbia and Turkey.
The 4 years project is led by ADP-ZID from Montenegro and Beyond Barriers is the local implementing organization in Albania. More information of the project and outcomes can be
found in the online platform www.youseefor.me.

You can access the document in the following link: files/White_Paper_Albania_-ENG.pdf




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