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YouSEE platform has proposed a set of measurements which should be a guide for the transformation of policies through social innovations, which should lead to a different perspective for the youth of Western Balkans and Turkey.

With that in mind, YouSEE platform members propose three (3) recommendation packages that were created based on four regional documents (which have tracked the current active labor policies), more than 20 national policy documents, via identifying community challenges and through the selection of EU trends that can be potentially tested. We invite all interested sides to preview the document and we announce the launch of petition for giving support to the aforementioned set of regional recommendations, since the public campaign has been oriented towards employees in institutions, innovators, civil activists, etc. 

Here is the link where you can join us and sign the petition. LINK TO SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION

YouSEE Platform suggests 3 sets of recommendations:

A.    Tasks innovation
Tasks innovation represents measures that will determine new goals, including identification of new qualifications and opening of new employment fields. We suggest:

1.      Immediate creating of alternative development and economy diversity
2.      Investing in intermediary bodies network
3.      Prevention of human potential leakage trough investments in professional staff
4.      Outsourcing

B.     Innovations in processes
Process-oriented innovation refers to develop of new approaches and methods and improving of already existing. We suggest:

1.      Intersectional regional flagship initiatives
2.      Redefining employment active measures' planning and conducting ways
3.      Local funds, initiatives and policies merging trough co-creative process

C.    Managing innovations
Context-oriented innovation refers to changes in system structure (political and institutional) and development.

1.      Creation of mind lab/observatory
2.      Abolish law barriers and fill in policies that would make entrepreneurship easier and provide development and merging of alternative economy and new technologies
3.      The lack of support for social innovations and political will in general, mind set and skills required for social innovations development
4.      Public procurement policy determination

View more (lang. ENG,BCMS):  http://www.youseefor.me/index.php/wb-turkeyp/395-yousee-produced-3-recommendation-packages

By this petition, I join the invitation to national and local policy makers to adopt the proposed recommendations and to integrate the agenda of social innovation policies.




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